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Penmaenmawr Quarry

March 27, 2015   

After passing the exit for Penmaenmawr, before you reach the Pen-Y-Clip tunnels you’ll see the Quarry above you.

You can see some amazing pictures here and here. This amazing picture shows the A55 below!

Most of the quarry is in use.

Read more here:



Stanlow Refinery

January 27, 2015   

As you drive along the A55 at night time you might see a tall tower with three red lights in the distance. This is Stanlow Refinery in Ellesmere Port.

stanlow refinery

Stanlow from a distance – geograph.org.uk – 684459” by Andrew Jones. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The refinery is situated on the south bank of the Manchester Ship Canal, which is used to transport seaborne oil for refining and chemicals for Essar and Shell and it  is the second largest in the United Kingdom after Fawley Refineryand produces a sixth of the UK’s petrol needs.

In the petrol crisis of 2000, Stanlow Refinery was targeted by protesters.



Bangor Hospital

October 26, 2014   

On your way past Bangor towards Anglesey you’ll be faced with an enormous concrete building. It’s not going to win any design awards. It is Bangor Hospital, or Ysbyty Gwynedd.

bangor hospital

The hospital was built in 1984. It is situated in the Bangor suburb of Penrhosgarnedd. There have been recent problems with being over-capacity. Also the hospital is apparently haunted!

If you need to find out more about the facilities at the hospital, visit the site here.




When it was built


Airbus Factory and Hawarden Airport, Broughton

September 25, 2014   

As you drive past Broughton you will see the top of the Airbus Factory next to the Retail Park. It is situated at Hawarden Airport which is, in fact, in Broughton.


The aircraft factory was established during WW2 where it build almost 6,000 plans. After the way the factory was used to build prefab bungalows. The factory then returned to its main use of building aircraft.

It because part of British Aerospace in the 1970s and the factory is now owned by Airbus. Wings for all models of Airbus commercial aircraft are produced here.

No public scheduled passenger flights fly from the airport. Most flights relate to the Airbus Factory. Some privately owned light aircraft are based at Hawarden. Police aircraft also operate from here.