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Anglesey Section, Llandegai to Holyhead

December 2, 2014   


The Anglesey Section of the A55 is the most recently built. It was completed in 2001 after a 27 month build.

In early 1999, UK Highways A55 Ltd, a subsidiary of UK Highways Ltd, in which Laing holds the majority stake, won the concession to build, operate and maintain the A55 trunk road across the Island of Anglesey, off North Wales. The new road is a dual carriageway 32 km in length. The project was valued at £101m.

The bid included building the new 32km of the road, 12km of maintenance of the A5 and the maintenance of the two Menai Bridges.

Laing earns significant amounts from the road. £16million a year is generated from ‘shadow tolls’ from the road (based on the number of vehicles using the road). By December 2028 (when the contract ends) it is estimated that the company will earn £400million.

Concerns have been raised by residents who argue that the faster road has taken away business from them when drivers had to use the A5 previously.

The route is a very clear run across the island which crosses the water onto Holyhead via a new bridge which runs parallel to the A5 bridge.






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