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Raynes Quarry & Jetty

April 17, 2014   

As you pass Llanddulas you can’t miss the quarry ¬†and jetty. These are called the Raynes Quarry and Jetty.

There are two jetties both used for loading crushed limestone (that is quarried in the Llanddulas Quarries) onto boats for export to various destinations. The North Wales Coastal Path and the A55 expressway pass close to the jetties. The large concrete anchor like structures, Dolos, in the foreground of the picture (of which there are 20,000 with each one weighing some 5 Tons) were put in place to protect the A55 from coastal erosion.

Llanddulas Quarries have a history dating back to at least 1284 AD when the Bishop of Bangor was awarded the right to quarry the limestone from Llanddulas as a fee for christening the young King Edward 1 of England. Once upon at ime, limestone was transported to the shore by horse and cart. In 1842 the first jetty was constructed to afford maritime logistics and in 1849 the quarry was perfectly situated to enjoy the advent of railways and the “north coast line”.¬†Today (2010) the western jetty, known as Raynes Jetty, is owned by Cemex. It is used to export limestone aggregates directly from Raynes Quarry

jetty quarry Quarry_pier_at_Llanddulas_-_geograph.org.uk_-_27670






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Robert Moore
November 22, 2017 at 4:36 pm

There is only one jetty now.

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